About Laurie

If you had asked an eight-year-old Laurie, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” she would’ve said, “Live at the beach and write novels.”  Such an enlightened girl for knowing at such a young age what her destiny would be.  Now, almost five decades later (but not quite), that’s still her dream.

And she’s making it happen.

Being a results-oriented person, Laurie put into place a long-term plan.  Twenty years ago, while she was building a successful career with a huge corporation that had absolutely nothing to do with living at the beach OR writing novels, she started writing her first book.  That effort turned out to be her first published novel, Whispers of the Heart which released in early 2000.  From then on, the act of writing took a fierce hold on her.

She has now written and published close to twenty novels, and for eighteen years, she split her time/effort/passion between the afore-mentioned big, draining, demanding dayjob and her writing career.

In 2016, Laurie and her husband bought their future dream home in coastal South Carolina.  Currently they travel back and forth between both homes as the whim hits.  And in early 2018, Laurie left the corporate world behind, retiring after 34 years and a ton of professional accomplishments.

That eight-year-old dream is almost a reality.  Some dreams are worth waiting for.

Outside of her professional life, Laurie and her husband of 29 years have an empty nest, after raising two wonderful and talented sons.  They are both educated and self-sufficient, working in their own careers and making Mom and Dad proud on a daily basis.

Laurie is a dog lover.  Growing up alongside Laurie’s two sons was Gracie the Wonder Dog, who sadly, they lost just last year.  Both boys have their own dogs now, so Laurie enjoys spending time and lavishing kisses on her two grand-puppies, Izzy and Buster.

Laurie is a huge theater fan and goes to as much live theater as she can.  And of course, her favorite place in the world is the beach.

Laurie writes life-changing, heartwarming inspirational Christian fiction that takes place at the beach.  She’s actively looking for fans who enjoys that type of book and looks forward to adding them into the fold of her supportive Reader Group.  Visit her website for all the latest:  www.authorlaurielarsen.com

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