Book 4:  Capsized


Date of Publication:  January 22, 2019

Genre: Inspirational romance

Pages:  192


God "overseas" everything....


For nursing student Sadie Flynn, life is about helping those in need and decompressing with the thrill of extreme sports.  After witnessing the destruction of her parents' marriage, Sadie wants nothing to do with love and romance.  She's fine setting goals and achieving them alone--without a man to derail her plans.


Personal trainer and competitive yacht sailor, Jett Martin is a disappointment to his father, who always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, as a tough military fighter. But Jett is nothing like his father.  With his new invention gaining interest in the sailing world and an upcoming competition to prove his worth, Jett is on his way to his own version of the top.  But when an injury threatens to destroy his chances for credibility and a lucrative future, he knows he needs help.


The courageous and risk-taking Sadie is the answer to his prayers.  With his expertise and her strength, they're an unbeatable pair.  With physical attraction tempting them, Sadie and Jett must keep their eyes on the prize.  But God has other plans.  As they face adversity and danger, will God's will have them racing toward one another instead of the glory of the win? 

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