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Time for a new website and blog!

I've been a published author for 17 years and this is my third website. So, I guess about every 8 years or so it's time for a new site! I'm right on schedule.

Back in "the old days" (2000 when my first book was released), I hired a web developer to create my very first site. It was written in FrontPage (a Microsoft product) and I had a very generous author friend who taught me how to maintain and update it myself. Which I did, every week. Me and FrontPage were getting along fine! Until Microsoft decided to discontinue FrontPage.

So I hired another web developer to redesign me a brand new site in WordPress. We kept a lot of the same content from the old site, but it was fresher, newer, more modern. WordPress and I developed a love/hate relationship. It was much more complex and difficult to manipulate than FrontPage. I eventually got the hang of it, but it was cumbersome for me, so I didn't update the site NEARLY as often anymore. When I released a new book I'd update the site -- that was about it. About three months ago I got the dreaded email from my hosting company: "your website is infected with malware." After calling the hosting company and talking options for over an hour I realized it was time to trash the infected site and start all over.

So, take three! The GREAT thing about starting over is that I can dump a bunch of old baggage. This site only focuses on my current genre and brand -- Christian fiction grounded in today's modern world. You won't find any of my earlier non-inspirational books here. In fact, I took them off the market. They're not even for sale anymore! As an inspirational romance author, I'm ALL IN! :)

In addition, technology now offers WIX, which to me, is the best of all possible worlds. It's relatively EASY, it offers tons of options and it's modern. So, WIX it is! I hope you enjoy my new site and I hope you come back often! I promise I'll try to give you something worth coming back for!

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