Book 2:  Restoration

Date of Publication:  April 1, 2018
Genre:  Inspirational Romance
Pages:  246

He broke her heart once. Can she take a chance with him again?

Carly Milner is doing all she can to make ends meet. Abandoned by her high school sweetheart and left pregnant and alone, Carly has struggled to provide for her daughter. Just when she is getting her life and career back on track, Ryan Melrose walks back into her life. Can she look beyond the pain and turmoil of the past years and give him that second chance?


Realizing too late that he should never have listened to his parents, golden boy Ryan Melrose is ready to admit he was wrong. He never should have deserted Carly or their daughter. Now, he wants to live the life God intended for him and begs for a second chance. But Carly struggles to trust him. Can he prove his faith and his love for her by showing Carly and their daughter his true devotion?

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