Book 6: Return to Devotion

Return to Devotion

Publication date:  Nov 2016

Genre:  Inspirational romance

Page Length:  209


Can men and women be "just friends?"

Loneliness. It has a way of creeping in and taking over. Rita Ashbrook should know the drill. After all, she's been married to Bo, a true American hero, for years, and this is his third deployment. But this time, the loneliness is nearly unbearable.

Determined to get out more, make some friends, and immerse herself in the community, Rita embraces the church and all the camaraderie it offers, while helping others at the same time. Becoming friends with Glenn Arby fills the emptiness she experiences while her husband's gone.

Still reeling from his wife's death, Glenn welcomes the companionship another member of the church brings. Having a friend makes him feel alive again--something he never thought he'd want again. But when their closeness leads to one, innocent kiss, Glenn and Rita begin to question everything--their friendship, their future, and possibly even her marriage. Now, Rita must find a way to reveal the truth to Bo, the only man she'll ever love. Will the truth destroy everything they've built as man and wife?

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