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Charleston Light: Stories Inspired by Sullivan's Island Lighthouse


An Anthology of inspirational novellas by Laurie Larsen, Christina Sinisi, Dianne Miley, Melissa Henderson, Laurie Ingram Sibley, Kelsey R Budd, Jody Stallings, and Annette Wiley

A collection of faith-filled novellas all inspired by Charleston Light, the wonderfully awkward-looking lighthouse that sits on the shore of Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. The stories range from sweet romance to time travel to fantasy to a modern retelling of a beloved fairy tale. You will definitely find something you love on these pages!


Laurie's novella is Looks Aren’t Everything, a Retelling of the classic Fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling:  Pediatric nurse Wanda Byrd feels an instant kinship with ten-year-old cancer patient Kendall, and it's not just because of their matching scars. But a surprise encounter with Kendall’s Uncle Mark immediately ignites her long-held insecurities due to his good looks and confident demeanor. Can an awkward-looking lighthouse, the wisdom of a little girl, and a confession from the man himself teach her that true value comes from within? ​


All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to Sanctuary of Unborn Life in Charleston, a not-for-profit that provides support, mentoring, and housing assistance for local pregnant and new mothers in need.

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