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Pawleys Island Paradise

If you love heartwarming, life-changing Christian fiction, this is the series for you.  Each book filled with compelling characters, a beautiful real-life beach setting and faith-based truths, you will fall in love with these books like so many others have before you.

Book One:
Roadtrip to Redemption

It started as a trip to lose old memories. It became a journey to find her heart. A woman facing the most desolate summer of her life, follows God’s direction and instead has the most rewarding and life-changing summer of all. 

Book Two:
Tide to Atonement

Life knocked him down. Faith raised him up. A man has paid his debt to society and is released from prison. Determined to create a life to be proud of, he realizes his past isn’t quite as willing to be done as he wants it to be. 

Book Three:
Journey to Fulfillment

A traumatic family event. Distinctly opposite ways of dealing with it between husband and wife.  A married couple deals with a family tragedy in different ways and works through the resulting collapse of their marriage to reconcile their love for each other. 

Beautiful real-life beach setting and faith-based truths

Book Four:
Bridge to Fruition

The old is gone. The new is come. A young woman from an affluent family finds love with a man who grew up in the foster system. Can they let go of the trappings of their past and find love together in their present? 

PathToDiscovery_Revised_CVR (1).jpg
Book Five:
Path to Discovery

A brokenhearted New York actress welcomes the escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city to take the lead in a beach-town dinner theater show. It’s the solace and sanctuary that she’s needed ever since her world came crumbling down. But then he walks in... back into her life and her memories of her worst nightmare. 

Book Six:
Return to Devotion

Can men and women be “just friends?”  A military wife deals with unbearable loneliness on her husband’s third overseas deployment, leading to an indiscretion with her new male friend.  Will the truth destroy everything she and her husband have built as man and wife?

Book Seven:
Pawleys Island Paradise: A Companion

Discover the stories and inspiration that led to the Pawleys Island Paradise series!  A short, fully-illustrated non-fiction companion to the beloved Pawleys Island Paradise series of inspirational romance by award-winning author Laurie Larsen. 

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