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Murrells Inlet Miracles

Come fall in love in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina!

This easy download contains three full-length novels.  All inspirational romance, they are heartwarming, life-changing Christian fiction.

MurrellsInlet_BoxSet_MED copy.png
Book One:

Successful Philadelphia attorney Nora Ramsey never even knew there was another life for her before Aunt Edie left her with her ramshackle mansion and once-thriving horse business.  Veterinarian Shaw Flynn seems a partner, then a love interest, before finding out his deepest and darkest secret. 

Book Two:

Young, single mom Carly Milner was making it on her own raising her toddler Grace and finishing her education so she could launch her professional career.  When the love of her life, Ryan Melrose returns, wanting a place in Grace's life, can she ever trust him again? 

Book Three:

2019 Gold Medal Winner for eLit Awards 

2019 Bronze Medal Winner for Illumination Awards 


A rags to riches story in the world of country music, with a twist!  Black sheep in a wealthy family Haley Witherspoon has finally found the career that brings her passion, and it's with handsome aspiring country musician, Blake Scott.  Can they overcome her family's disapproval, his own internal guilt, mounting danger from a fan to achieve success?

Book Four:

God “overseas” everything.  Two highly competitive extreme athletes pair up to achieve victory in the world of competitive yacht sailing.  With physical attraction tempting them, Sadie and Jett must keep their eyes on the prize.  But God has other plans.  As they face adversity and danger, will God's will have them racing toward one another instead of the glory of the win? 

Book Five:

Gloria's gig raising her two orphaned nephews is done.  With God's help, Blake and Brent are flourishing in their own lives and she now faces an empty nest.  Spreading her wings and finding a love of her own sounds pretty good until Alejandro, the cop she falls in love with, inadvertently leads an escaped convict to her door, one with a vendetta against him. 

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