Murrells Inlet Miracles!

So many people have asked me ... why did Pawleys Island Paradise have to end after six books?  Couldn't you have just continued writing stories about the Harrison clan?  I'm going to miss these people!  

My first response to that question was jumping for joy that I reached readers who felt that strongly about my first series!  I thank God that my stories found an audience and that they were meaningful to a core group of readers.

My second response was ... no.  It's got to end.  I feel like I tied up all the loose ends and those stories were done.  And although it scared me to death to leave the set of characters who I became so comfortable with ... I knew it was time to move on.  I wanted to find a new series, a new set of characters, a new setting that gave readers what they loved about Pawleys Island Paradise and the Harrisons, but ... different.  

I let my muse ponder on that for serveral months and now ... I've got it!  It's my new series called Murrells Inlet Miracles.  Murrells Inlet is just a few miles down the road from Pawleys Island, so I'm not venturing too far geographically.  Yes, the beach will continue to play a big role in my new series.  The first book is called Sanctuary and it's about a strong woman named Nora who faces a major life decision when offered a unique opportunity.  Will she leave all she holds dear, all she's worked so hard for, to explore this new challenge?

Book 2 is called Restoration and it's about an ambitious young woman named Carly, who you meet in Book 1.  Carly is a single mom but is determined to realize her full ambitions despite the fact that she's alone as a parent.  When Ryan, the love of her life and the one who left her, comes back, how can she ever trust him again?

Book 3 is called Crescendo and it's about Carly's best friend (from Book 2), Haley, and the incredible journey she takes with Blake as they climb the ladder of success to country music stardom.  Things don't go smoothly for this new love partner/work partner duo, and it ends in a suspenseful, life-threatening event!

For all of you who loved Pawleys Island, I hope you'll love Murrells Inlet as well.  For those who haven't discovered Pawleys Island yet, I hope Murrells Inlet will be the set of books that leads you to my work.

God bless!

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