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Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church

A team of mothers determined to covertly jumpstart the stalled love lives of their adult children.  A light-hearted, faith-filled, fun series that will make you smile and warm your heart. 

Book One:
Meet the Moms

A prologue novella to kick off the series.  Dahlia, Lily and Rose form a team of covert matchmakers to find love where their adult children have failed.  Will the moms find love for Winston the Loner, Isabelle the Workaholic and Micah the Playboy and remain in the shadows?

Book Two:
Finding Love for the Loner

Lily's son Winston has made a solitary life centered around his job, his dog Rebel and his online videogaming prowess.  Will Rose the matchmaker find his love in fellow dog-lover Tina, and will Tina be able to steal his heart?

Book Three:
Finding Love for the Workaholic

A successful match is under their belts!  An independent and successful businesswoman, Rose's daughter Isabelle knows the type of man she's looking for.  Can matchmaker Dahlia make her realize that photographer Zach may not be what she's looking for, but may just be her perfect match?

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Book Four:
Finding Love for the Playboy

The Matchmaking Moms face their toughest challenge yet.  Dahlia's son, talent agent Micah rubs elbows with Hollywood's elite, always with a beautiful woman on his arm.  But matchmaker Lily knows the secret to finding his one-and-only match and it's single mom, Maria.

Book Five:
Finding Love for the Matchmaker

The Matchmaking Moms throw a party to reveal their secret efforts.  But is it possible that they weren't quite as covert as they thought?  Did the matches turn the tables and actually find love for one of the matchmakers?

A gift for you!

The Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church Cookbook

The Matchmaking Moms love to cook, and so do their kids!  The series is stock-full of food references.  The author compiled this special collection of recipes to accompany the series!  This book features 20 recipes.  16 straight from the pages of the series, and 4 added bonuses, including 3 submitted by readers.

Click the button below to download the book to your favorite device.  Or, print the PDF to set alongside you on the counter as you cook.

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