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A Cloudy Day at the Beach ...

... is still a pretty good day in general, don't you think?

I've been busy lately, crossings items off the To Do list. You know, those chores that take some analysis. Some digging. Maybe research on the internet, filling out forms, hanging on the Customer Service line waiting waiting waiting for resolution.

As a result, I've gotten some long-delayed jobs completed! Resulting in some great feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Last night I decided as a reward, I'd spend the day at the beach today! Beach days are my favorite days in the world. I enjoy plopping my chair down in the sand, sitting there, relaxing. I love walking and getting my steps in amidst all of God's impressive beauty. I love going out in the waves, especially when they're mild, pushing out beyond the breakers and just lying flat, floating peacefully.

I love pulling a book out and reading. I love listening to snippets of conversation of those around me. Watching families have fun, throwing beanbags, tossing a football. Listening to other peoples' music floating through the air.

The only thing I don't enjoy about the beach is when it starts raining. I 'm not referring to a nice, gentle shower -- that's okay. I mean, it's okay to be wet. We're at the beach! But a sudden, angry, pelting rain -- that's not fun. You have to gather all your things, stuff them in your bag, grab your chair and RUN to your car. That's happened to me several times.

This morning, I was enjoying my morning coffee, gleefully anticipating my perfect day on the beach. I took the dog for a walk as my last activity before leaving. But then I realized ... it's kind of a yucky day. Cloudy, dark skies, cool, breezy. Here I was, so ready for a perfect beach day. I'd worked hard, I deserved it, I was free. And now ... it wasn't going to work out.

Disappointed, I took the dog back home and looked around my quiet house. I sighed. None of the other activities I could do with my time appealed to me now.

I checked the forecast. You know? Even a cloudy day at the beach is still a pretty good day. Better than sitting around inside. Maybe just an attitude change was needed. I was going to have my beach day, darn it. And I was going to love it even though it wasn't perfect.

It's a pretty good attitude to have about most things in life. Perfection isn't attainable, at least not long-term. If we set our expectations so high that the only way we'll be happy or satisfied is with perfection, we're setting ourselves up for a basketload of unhappy. Nothing is ever going to be handed to us. Everything we achieve should be hard-earned. Achieving something that is pretty darn good after working hard against all odds, is so much better than something perfect that you didn't work for.

So, perfection is in the eye of the achiever. So my beach day was a little cloudy, but it was beautiful and wonderful. I read about 100 pages of my book, I rode some pretty awesome waves for almost an hour, I walked two miles and witnessed a ton of beauty. And as I was driving home, I didn't even remember the clouds.

It was perfect.

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