• Laurie Larsen

Reading Lifts You Up ... Even When You're Grounded

I'm going to bet that you've been doing a lot of reading during this crazy quarantine that we've been under. I know I have. At last count I think I've read 20 books since I've been sheltered in place.

I'm also going to guess that you enjoy contemporary Christian romance. I mean, you're here at my blog, so that tells me you like my books. And that's what I write! :)

So I'm going to let you in on a fantastic place to download a ton of books, either from authors you know, or haven't discovered yet. They're all digital boxsets -- or bundles, they're sometimes called. The first three books in a series, in one easy download.

Over a dozen authors

Eighteen digital bundles

3 books each

At massive savings!!

Let some reading lift you up today! Click right here and decide what you want.

Don't delay! The savings are only available through Tuesday night!

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