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A pretty demanding weekend for a "50-something" woman

I would say, in general, that for a woman "of a certain age," I have a pretty good amount of energy. After all, I've raised two amazing boys, I hold down a really busy and demanding day job, while also maintaining a 17-year writing career during which I've published 16 books.

However, the thought of the weekend after next, just makes me exhausted.

This past year, my husband and I did something really exciting. We bought a second home in Murrells Inlet, SC, just moments from the beach, fulfilling a life-long dream of mine to live at the beach and write novels. My dream is so close I can taste it. I'm not quite there yet ... but eventually, when hubs and I are both done with our day jobs in the landlocked midwest, we'll move there permanently and yes, I'll be writing.

Meanwhile, we have this beautiful brand new house 1000 miles away from our primary residence. Which is awesome ... but it also introduces some challenges. For example, some work needs to be done at the house. Something that wasn't done quite correctly when it was built, so since it's during the warranty period, the builder is arranging for a crew to come out and redo it. It'll be a 3-day job. It's somewhat involved, so I decided I wanted to be there to observe and offer my input.

However, I'm at a really busy time at work, so yes, I'll be there, but I also need to get 8 hours a day of work in while I'm supervising the renovations. AND, I need to get myself out there AND back. By myself. Already a demanding task -- me, all by myself, driving 1000 miles out, supervise a major repair job, put in full days of work, and drive all the way back alone.

NOW there's even more. An unexpected delay to a systems implementation means that I need to get on a conference call on Day 2 of my drive at 4 AM!! The call is expected to last 3 hours if it goes well. Of course, more if it doesn't. AND THEN I continue to drive 9 hours all by myself to get to the house.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Will you do me the favor of praying for me that day? I'm sure I can get it all done, but it sure won't be easy!

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