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Hmmmmm, 3790. Three thousand, seven hundred and ninety. What is the significance of that number? And why would I write a blog post about it?

It's significant to me. To my author career. To my creativity and productive output.

Is it the number of subscribers I have to my author newsletter? Good guess, but NO. I'm happy to report I have more than 5500 newsletter subscribers now!

Is it the number of dollars I made from my books last year? Also, NO. I'm happy to report that my writing has consistently earned me in the "five digit dollar club" for the last three or four years. :)

I'm sure we could come up with additional guesses but I'll end the mystery. 3790 = the number of published printed pages I've written. So, the number of pages I've written that have ended up published in a printed book. That's a milestone!! I've been writing and publishing for 17 years now so that's my total output!

I'll throw another number at you: 947,500. It's related to the first. Printed books contain an average of 250 words on a page. So using that average, 947,500 is the number of words I've had published!

Which means, I have a major milestone coming up with my next published book: Restoration (Murrells Inlet Miracles, Book 2). When Restoration is published, I will surpass ONE MILLION WORDS PUBLISHED! One million words in print. Or, put another way:


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