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Finished Crescendo!

I'm thrilled to announce that just last week, I finished writing the first draft of Book 3 of my Murrells Inlet Miracles series, CRESCENDO. Of course, there's so much more to do. Here's a look at my To Do List:

1. Write Book Description

2. Work with artist to design cover.

3. Write front and back matter for the book.

4. Write excerpt for Book 4 to include in the back.

5. Do second draft edits.

6. Arrange for advertising for release week.

7. Update website with new cover, blurb and video.

8. Set up pre-orders on retailer sites.

So yes, yes, yes, there's still a lot of work to do. But you know what? The biggest job is writing the book! And that's done! At this point, I'm looking to put up my pre-order links on all the retailer sites within two weeks, and official release day will be in early to mid-September! Stay tuned.

I wanted to share with you a graphic that my cover artist created for me. Crescendo features Blake Scott, an aspiring country music star. Haley (who you met in Restoration as Carly's best friend) has taken on the job of being their band manager with the goal of shooting them into country music stardom. Blake's band is called Ace in the Hole and this is the logo we dreamed up for this fictional band:

I'm so excited to release this exciting, suspenseful story. On the day I wrote THE END I made this video. Take a look to find out a little about the story, and my jubilation at finishing it:

That's the big news for now! Stay tuned for more details about the Crescendo release date, as well as fun giveaways I have planned to celebrate the release.


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