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It's Crescendo's Book Birthday!!

Every book has a birth-day and Crescendo's is today! The book has been on Pre-order at all ebook retailers for a month and I'm so pleased with how many people ordered it. If you did the Preorder, you will notice that Crescendo was delivered to your ebook reader TODAY!

If you didn't preorder, I invite you to buy it today in whatever format you like to read your books:

So, what's it about???

A Rags-to-Riches story in the world of country music ... with a twist!

"We're Ace in the Hole. Let's let it roll!"

The ride of a lifetime...

Aspiring country musician Blake Scott will do anything to catapult his band into the big time -- even if it means driving Uber to make ends meet. Encountering the beautiful and broken Haley Witherspoon on the worst night of her life, changes everything for him.

The black sheep of a wealthy family, Haley yearns to find passion to add purpose to her life. When Blake offers her the opportunity of a lifetime, she can't refuse. Managing Ace in the Hole is everything she needs -- and nothing she ever expected. Despite her family disowning her, Haley throws herself into helping the band reach success.

As Blake and Haley grow closer, she realizes that he's hiding something -- holding something back. Now it's up to Haley to uncover the truth about Blake's past while battling the vicious rumors that threaten to destroy the band. Putting their trust in God is their only hope. But will the faith they find in each other be enough to overcome the mounting danger, let go of the past, and create a future together?

The third book in the Murrells Inlet Miracles series of inspirational romance!
  • Book 1: Sanctuary

  • Book 2: Restoration

  • Book 3: Crescendo

What are readers saying about it? All 5-star reviews so far!!

"The characters were intriguing amidst the setting of a country band."

"Sweet Christian romance about finding your way in life and what will make you happy."

"The story was a quick and entertaining read, I enjoyed every minute of it. I think Christian and Non-Christian readers alike will have their curiosity sparked to read Crescendo cover to cover!"

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