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Enter a fun contest and win a cool gift pack!

I've put together this fun gift pack to celebrate the successful launch of my latest book, Crescendo into the world! What's in it?

-- An autographed copy of the Crescendo paperback

-- Two custom Crescendo coffee mugs

-- One pack of coffee

I can just picture you making coffee and drinking out of your Ace in the Hole mugs while reading Crescendo.

How do you enter?

I've put together a quiz. Your answers will be your entries into the contest. The more questions you answer, the more chances you have to win. The winner will be drawn randomly in one week.

Crescendo features Blake Scott, an aspiring country music artist, and his band Ace in the Hole. I worked with my talented cover artist, Steven Novak, to come up with a band logo, and then I had that logo printed on these awesome coffee cups.

Throughout the book, Blake encounters other country music artists. Instead of using "real" names from today's world of country music, I started with a real singer, and I fictionalized it. The quiz will ask you to take a fictional country singer in the book and guess the real singer.

For example ... Bryan Lucas is the fictional name of a country singer in Crescendo. He was based off the real-life country singer, LUKE BRYAN.

Easy, huh? Well, if you're a country music fan it is.

To enter the contest, click on this link and access the contest in Rafflecopter. Your entries will be recorded and in ONE WEEK I will announce the winner!

Good luck! Let's let it roll!

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