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It's my therapy

Yesterday, my husband and I spent six hours, along with over a thousand dollars, getting our two automobiles recognized as South Carolina vehicles. First, to the Tax Assessors' office, where you pay for an annual property tax on the value of your vehicles. Then, to the Department of Motor Vehicles where we got our license plates and drivers' licenses. As an added benefit, we also got our Voter Registration cards, our Organ Donor status, our state-specific car titles and our "Real ID" which all airports will require eventually when you go through TSA.

So, it was a productive day. A long day, a tiring day, and at times, a frustrating day. And last night, we got a call from our friendly DMV representative saying he'd missed something, and we needed to bring more documents back in today. Which I did. SIGH. Make that SEVEN hours of work.

I realize even seven hours spent getting those mandatory tasks done, is not bad. I've heard the horror stories of others that it's taken weeks, and multiple trips, and pulling their hair out to get it done. So I'm not complaining. But I do have a book coming out in a week, and there are other things I could be doing.

So, when I started to feel the blood pressure increase, and the frustration build in me, I drove to the beach. It's my therapy, my beach time. It's a crisp, sunny 55 degree day today in my corner of the Grand Strand. No wind whatsoever. The ocean barely sported a single wave, just mirror-smooth blue. The sun glittered off the smooth water, sparkling against the sand. The sound of the surf is as vital to me as my heartbeat.

A flock of fulmars, little seabirds, grouped together in the ocean, their heads up then pop down, hoping to catch fish for their next meal. An albatross sails just inches over the water, searching for his own prey, gliding with long wings outstretched.

I smile my greetings to my fellow beach walkers, stop to pet the dogs that are accompanying their owners on a leash. I breathe in deeply. I let the sun warm my face. I love it here. The ocean feeds me, replenishes me, inspires me. Forty minutes of beach time had me calm and happy and serene again.

What's your therapy?

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