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Yes, this is really my life now ...

I had a dream last night.

This is not unusual for some people, but it is for me. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I love to sleep. Noticing and remembering stories presented in my head while sleeping is not usually something that I do.

But last night, it was a fully formed story and I actually remembered it when I awoke. I remembered not only WHAT happened, but especially the strong emotions that came along with it.

In my dream, I was moving across the country to start a new job. The actual moving part was fun ... arranging my furniture in my new place, unpacking all my favorite things, finding just the right spot. But when that was all done, and it was presumably a Sunday night, a familiar sense of anxiety began to creep in ... professional anxiety.

Would I wake up on time or oversleep? Would I know how to get to my new office, or get lost or stuck in traffic? Once I arrived, would everyone like me, and would I like them? And most importantly, would I be able to do this job? Would I excel and make everyone glad they hired me? Lots of worry and anxiety swirling through my body.

Then ... in my dream, I had an epiphany. I don't have to worry about career

anxiety anymore. I'm retired. And yes, 13 months later, I'm STILL retired. Even though I still have a writing career, I am at the head of it. I can do what I want, when I want. I can work really hard to hit a self-imposed deadline, OR I can take it easy on myself and push it out a month so I can spend more time at the beach.

It's awesome. And I thank God for where I am right now. My life really is a dream come true.

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