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Laurie's goals for an intentionally fabulous year

It's a fresh new year, and coincidentally, a fresh new decade! To me, there's a sense of new excitement and new opportunity in the air. My 2019 happened to be fantastic, with my permanent move to the beach, my son getting married and my book Crescendo winning two quality awards! But I know 2019 wasn't as kind to everyone.

Regardless of what 2019 did to you, 2020 is here, ready for a fresh start. God has wiped the slate clean and given us a new chance. That's why I love this graphic that an author friend of mine posted and I swiped! It perfectly describes my excitement about the new year ahead of us.

I often set New Year's Resolutions, but this year, I'm taking a more holistic approach to how I want to live my life in 2020. I'm setting some goals so I can intentionally make the very most out of my time. Would you like to see them? Would you like to set your own?

1. Writing goals:

Commit myself to my new experimental process of Rapid Release. Stick with it, even

when it gets rough, so that I have a novella prologue, three full-length novels and a novella epilogue (a complete series) to publish in 2020. (This blog post details the process.)

As I sit down to plot, to write, to edit, pray. Invite God into my stories and let his wisdom guide the way.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Strive for better and better novels, learning from each previous one.

2. Career goals:

Build my relationships with other Christian writers so we can help each other, support each other, pray together and improve the quality of our work.

Dive into the opportunity that's been presented to me, forming a new LowCountry chapter of the national organization, American Christian Fiction Writers. Use my leadership skills as President to get it off its feet and serving the needs of its members.

3. Health goals:

Don't get so into the work that I forget to MOVE! Be active every day, whether it's

walking, riding a bike, weight training, etc.

Eat healthy food. Make it fun by searching for healthy new recipes to cook from scratch, striving to try two new recipes every week!

4. Spiritual goals:

Spend more time in the Bible, whether with a sponsored Bible Study, personal study with a guide, or simply reading every day.

Pray pray pray. When I tell someone "I'll pray for you," DO IT. Invite God into my life in all things.

5. Social goals:

In the midst of all these important goals, take time to HAVE FUN! Go out with friends. Make new friends. Try new restaurants. Take a vacation and travel somewhere fun and beautiful. Make sure I see my kids every few months (since we are spread out over the country now. Be happy.

What will your 2020 look like?

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