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A Departure from the Lowcountry ... to New York City!

My new series kicked off last month with Book 1: His Secret Daughter! I love the intricate plot and strong personalities in this book, and the "How can they ever get over this?" love story. I hope you will too. Despite setting my last three series at the beautiful South Carolina coast, my new series will take you to the exciting and frenetic streets of the best city in the world ... New York City!

A compelling tale of ambition, love, faith and changing priorities in the Big Apple.

She had the perfect life all on her own …

Alyssa Stark works hard to make her life's dreams come true … all on her own. She built her reputation as New York City's top advertising executive, client by client. And when her ill-advised marriage didn't work out, she knew she had to make her dream of becoming a mother happen by untraditional means. Now, she and her eight-year-old daughter Caroline are living the dream life in the Big Apple.

He'd lost everything that meant anything until he made a discovery …

Grant Fontaine is the widowed president of his father-in-law’s electronics company. Since the tragic death of his pregnant wife a decade ago, he’s become a high achieving businessman, but a social hermit. Several years ago, his lonely life took on new meaning when he discovered that the donation he’d made to a reproductive clinic long ago had sired a child. Through the services of a discreet private eye unafraid to push legal limits, he identifies his “daughter,” Caroline, and her mother, Alyssa.

Could it be time to reveal his secret?

He satisfies himself with maintaining a watchful eye from a distance, keeping his identity secret until Caroline reaches adulthood. That is, until Alyssa’s career path transports her into his professional realm. Now, his careful plans are thrown out the window. His dream of being a part of Caroline’s childhood is so close … the last thing he counts on is falling in love with the girl’s gorgeous mother.

Readers are enjoying it, judging by these reviews:

"This was so lovely and attention grabbing! I ended up reading into the night and up early to finish it this morning."

"Lovely story of love, faith, forgiveness and the abuse of power."

"I really enjoy reading a book that is exciting and emotional but has an element of faith in it. Reminds me to always look to God for guidance and encouragement."

Or go old-school and get a paperback!

Make sure you let me know what you think!

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