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Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church is now on preorder!

In 2020 I'll be releasing FIVE new books -- one a month for five months -- on the 7th of every month. Starting on my birthday, June 7! All the books are on Amazon preorder RIGHT NOW so make sure and download your copies!

Moms go the distance!

New from Laurie Larsen, Award-winning author of Inspirational Romance: Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church. A team of mothers determined to covertly jumpstart the stalled love lives of their adult children. A light-hearted, faith-filled, fun series that will make you smile and warm your heart.

Dahlia, Lily and Rose attend a Bible Study at Oceanview Church. As an introductory exercise, the leader encourages them to dig deep and discover one thing they have in common. After sharing, they discover one interesting fact: they all have adult children who, for various reasons, are striking out in the love department. So, the ladies form a covert team of matchmakers and take matters into their own hands. Of course, their efforts have to be secretive because their kids would never go for it if they knew.

Will the moms be successful finding matches for Winston the Loner, Isabelle the Workaholic and Micah the Playboy, while remaining in the shadows?

The Matchmaking Moms are in for a tough job finding a romantic match for Lily's son Winston. Gun-shy from love due to past rejections, he's built a life around his job, his dog and his online videogame prowess. He's perfectly happy, thank you very much. Except Lily knows his life will be better when the moms find a perfect match for him.

Rose is the matchmaker for the job, finding Tina, a fellow dog lover. Will the two of them connect, and if they do, will they be able to get past Winston's solitary ways, and Tina's need for control?

A successful match under their belt, the Matchmaking Moms now set their sights on Rose's daughter, Isabelle. An accomplished Public Relations executive, Isabelle decides to combine her passion for entertaining with her corporate know-how and create her own business. A talented chef, she sets up a company offering pop-up dinners, lifestyle advice and traveling chef services. The last thing she has time for at this busy juncture is finding a man.

Knowing she'll need help setting up the business, Matchmaker Dahlia sends over a parade of trained professionals, hoping one will be that special someone. But the question is, will Isabelle realize she's been looking for the wrong type of man all along, and finally recognize the attributes of Zach the photographer?

The Matchmaking Moms face their biggest challenge yet. Dahlia's son Micah is a high-powered agent in the entertainment industry. Red carpet appearances are a common part of his job and he always has a beautiful woman on his arm. However, he's never seen anyone as a forever partner. How will the Matchmaking Moms handle that one?

Maria struggles to form a new life centered around her baby daughter after losing her husband to a tragic accident. The last thing she expects is the strong attraction she feels towards her employer's son, visiting his mom for vacation. The worst possible thing for her right now would be to fall in love. Does that make her the perfect woman to become Micah's one and only?

Dahlia, Lily and Rose celebrate the successful matchmaking of their three adult children. Through a lot of hard work, many extraordinary measures and blessings from God, all three of them are happily in love. The Matchmaking Moms decide to throw a Christmas party to reveal their secret efforts to all six.

But is it possible that while the Matchmaking Moms were covertly arranging love for their children, they weren't quite as covert as they thought? Did the matches turn the tables and actually find love for one of the matchmakers?

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