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My 2020 Inspy Romance posts

For several years now, I've been blessed to be a blogger on a website called InspyRomance. It's made up of several dozen authors who write ... you guessed it, inspirational romance. We each blog once a month-ish, we also take part in guesting on the StoryChats podcast and we host a Facebook group called Christian Romance Reader Gathering. It's fun! It gives me a sense of community in my chosen genre, and yes ... it involves some work! But it's all good work and it keeps the creative juices flowing.

I'll link you to all the appropriate locations I just mentioned ... at the end ... but for now, here are links to my 2020 grouping of InspyRomance blog posts.

Without further adieu ...

What a year! Hope you enjoy my blog posts. Now, as promised, here are the pertinent links pertaining to my involvement with InspyRomance.

The website: InspyRomance

The podcast: StoryChats (available in video and podcast formats)

The Facebook Reader Group: Christian Romance Reader Group (answer some questions and wait to be approved to join).

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