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My blogs over at InspyRomance (Part 1)

A couple years ago I received an unexpected, exciting but very welcome surprise! A fellow Inspirational romance author, Valerie Comer, invited me to join a group blog named It's made up of roughly a dozen authors who write the same genre I do, and we each write one blog a month. Together, we provide new content each and every day to our subscribers and readers!

I immediately agreed, so excited to be noticed and invited! Now, I'm 28 blogs in. You'd think I'd run out of things to write about, but thank God, so far, that hasn't been the case! I encourage you to subscribe over at InspyRomance so you see our posts every day. We also do a Back to School special where we give away great prizes. But if you love contemporary inspirational romance books, then this is truly the place for you!

Meanwhile, I'll link you to my blog posts over there. Enjoy!

My first post: Right Where God Wants Me: April, 2019

July, 2019: Try the Chocolate

August, 2019: Setting as Character

September, 2019: A Dog's Love

November, 2019: I Walk the Beach

December, 2019: Shakin' It Up a Bit!

If you like blog posts, those will get you going! I'll return in a day or two to post my 2020 InspyRomance blogs.

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