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Three Steps to a Darn Good Day

Yesterday was a really good day.

  1. A talented workman came to the house and finished a job I'd been wanting to do for a while. A beautiful ceramic tile backsplash on the wall behind my stove. I love how it turned out!

2. I went to the beach! Oh I love the beach. It's my favorite place in the world. But yesterday's trip to the beach reminded me of why I moved away from the cornfields of the midwest to come HERE. To this distinct place. The waves were fun to ride, but not strong enough to knock me off my feet. The temperatures were hot, but while sitting in my chair beside the water, a nice breeze cooled me off just right. I swam, I sat in my chair, read a book. Ahhhh. The perfect beach day.

3. And ... I had a #1 Bestseller on Amazon! My book, Finding Love for the Workaholic, released yesterday! And by the end of the day it had reached this awesome milestone! Thank you readers! Thank you God!

I wonder what today will bring!

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